Completing the ESTA form

The ESTA travel authorization application form can be completed directly online. The online procedure is quick and easy. The computerized process enables immediate processing of the request.

Important: As part of the online ESTA application, applicants must upload their passport to validate their identity when filling out the form.

The questions on the ESTA form are grouped under four headings:

  • Passport information complying with US requirements and complete identity of applicant;
  • Information about the trip to the United States;
  • Questions about the candidate’s medical and criminal history;
  • Questions about his possible refusal of a visa or his involvement in terrorist activities.

ESTA authorization deadlines

Processing of the application begins once the applicant has paid the ESTA fee. Computerized processing enables most applicants to obtain a response within a few minutes.

In some cases, it may take longer to obtain an ESTA. In some cases, validation of the request requires human processing. The ESTA pending status can take up to 3 days to obtain a definitive answer.

Once authorization has been granted, you don’t need to print out the ESTA certificate. Airlines can only print a traveler’s boarding pass for the USA if the ESTA is electronically validated in the computer system.