Making a stopover in the USA with ESTA

The U.S. Visa Waiver Program allows citizens of member countries to travel to the U.S. without a visa for tourism, business or transit. Transit through U.S. territory is one of the reasons for obtaining an ESTA.

To obtain authorization in just a few minutes, simply click on the ESTA online form.

What is an ESTA transit authorization?

ESTA authorization allows its holder to make a stopover in the United States without a U.S. travel visa. Transit is therefore one of the reasons for obtaining an ESTA electronic travel authorization.

How do I obtain an ESTA for transit?

When applying for ESTA authorization, travelers must answer the questions on the ESTA form. Among the questions asked about the characteristics of travel to the USA, there is a specific question about transit travel.

The traveler must answer the question: Is your trip to the United States a transit to another country? The traveler must answer by checking YES or NO.

In the case of an ESTA application for transit, the traveler answers YES to the question. He does not need to enter his U.S. address. However, he must still complete the section of the form on emergency contacts in the USA and abroad.

How much does a transit ESTA cost?

The price of the ESTA is the same, whatever the reason and duration of your trip to the United States. The fee is the same for a 90-day stay or a stopover in the USA. Travelers must pay for their ESTA online immediately at the end of the form to validate their application.

Image of the ESTA form for transit to the USA

This is the part of the ESTA form that concerns travel information. The question of transit travel is a mandatory and important one.

ESTA form for stopovers in the USA
ESTA form for transit in the USA