How to apply for ESTA for the United States

ESTA is an electronic travel authorization. It can only be obtained online, and travelers must apply online. Here are the steps to apply for ESTA authorization.

Make sure the conditions of your stay allow you to obtain ESTA authorization

All travelers wishing to embark for the United States must first be in possession of a travel authorization. Travelers should check their ESTA eligibility before applying online. Here are the main conditions:

Apply online

To apply, simply fill in the ESTA form online, providing all personal identity details and information relating to your trip to the USA. For more information on the questions on the ESTA form, we have detailed the steps for filling in the ESTA form.

The process takes just a few minutes if the traveler is in possession of a passport valid for the USA.

Pay mandatory administrative fees

To validate the online application, the traveler must pay for the ESTA by credit card directly after submitting the completed form. The price has varied several times since ESTA authorization was introduced. These fees are used to finance :

Waiting for a response from DHS

The traveler receives a reply by e-mail from the DHS within 72 hours. You can then log on to the official ESTA website to check the validity of your ESTA.

Print your approved ESTA authorization

Once your ESTA authorization has been approved, we recommend that you print out your ESTA before boarding. This procedure is in no way compulsory, and it is not necessary to present your ESTA at the airport or on arrival in the United States. However, it is always advisable to carry it with your travel documents for the USA.

Renewing your application if your ESTA application is rejected

It may happen that an ESTA application is refused. In this case, the reply e-mail gives no explanation. Rejected applicants must review all the information submitted on the ESTA form to identify any errors or conditions that do not meet ESTA eligibility rules. The applicant can then attempt to submit a new ESTA application.