Check the validity of your ESTA certificate

Before embarking for the United States, travelers with an ESTA must ensure that it is valid. ESTA authorizations are valid for a fixed period, and may be invalidated under certain conditions.

To apply in just a few minutes, simply click on ESTA online form.

How long is the ESTA valid for?

ESTAs are valid for 2 years. The travel authorization allows you to make several trips during these two years.

Two exceptions: Brunei and Hungary are both members of the Visa Waiver Program. Since 2023, their nationals have only had access to an ESTA valid for 1 year.

In what situations is the ESTA validity period different?

In certain situations, the initial two-year ESTA validity period will be reduced. Here are the main cases:

How to check the validity of your ESTA

To check the status of an ESTA authorization, go to the official ESTA website. Then simply click on the link in the menu: check your ESTA status.

The verification form requires : ESTA holder’s passport number and date of birth. Next, you need to enter one of the following :

By filling in this information from your personal travel documents, you can retrieve the status of your ESTA application:

Image of the online page to check your ESTA

Check the validity of your ESTA authorization
ESTA status check form