Updating your ESTA authorization

When should I update my ESTA?

ESTA authorization holders preparing to travel to the USA must check that their personal details have not changed since they obtained their ESTA. If some of the information entered on the initial ESTA application has changed, the ESTA authorization will probably no longer be valid for travel to the USA.

To renew your application in just a few minutes, simply click on ESTA online form.

What information can be updated on the ESTA?

Before submitting an ESTA application, the applicant can modify all personal information on the ESTA form. Once the ESTA application has been approved, the only information that can be modified is :

All of the traveler’s personal identity information cannot be modified.

How do I update my ESTA authorization?

To update your travel authorization, log on to the official ESTA website, then click on Check ESTA status in the menu. This procedure allows you to change only the contact email address or the postal address of residence in the United States.

For any other information to be updated, ESTA holders must renew their ESTA.

How can I correct an error in my ESTA application?

Before validating an ESTA application, the applicant can correct an error in the answers given to the questions on the form. Once the ESTA application has been approved or the ESTA status is pending, the ESTA holder can no longer modify the information entered. He/she will have to submit a new request to correct his/her erroneous personal information. The full ESTA fee will be charged for each new application submitted.

If the traveler has made a mistake in answering the ESTA eligibility questions, he or she should contact the CBP Info Center.

How long does it take to update my ESTA?

ESTA information may only be updated for the contact e-mail address and the postal address of residence in the United States during the stay. Residence information is updated immediately. On the other hand, when the e-mail address is modified, it is verified by return e-mail to be validated. So the update time will depend on the applicant’s responsiveness in confirming his new email address.

If you are applying for a new travel authorization, the ESTA deadlines apply again.