How to renew your ESTA authorization

ESTA authorization allows nationals of Visa Waiver Program member countries to travel to the USA without a visa for a stay of less than 90 days.

You can renew your authorization in just a few minutes by clicking on the ESTA online form.

The ESTA is valid for a limited period of time. The most common initial duration is 2 years, but ESTA authorization may be invalidated earlier. We recommend that you check the validity of your ESTA at least 3 days before boarding your plane for the USA.

If your ESTA authorization is no longer valid, you must renew your ESTA application. To renew online, complete the ESTA form. The procedure is the same as for the previous ESTA application.

Is ESTA renewal automatic?

There is no automatic or tacit renewal of ESTA authorization. The traveler must submit a new ESTA application, which will be processed as if it were the first application. All ESTA questions have to be completed, and you have to provide information about your passport which is valid for travel to the USA.

What are the ESTA renewal fees?

Renewal of the ESTA application is treated as a new application, regardless of any ESTA authorizations previously obtained. The ESTA applicant must again pay the full ESTA fee. Processing of the application will only begin once the ESTA fee has been paid.